Friday, October 10, 2014

The Scott Walker Blues

Gwen Moore isn't the only one with the "Scott Walker blues," lil' Scooter has got himself a case of it this week and the prognosis is dicey.

Walker took the reinstatement of gay marriage in Wisconsin pretty well, he played it off like it was no big deal. He took heat for his preposterous abortion ad which equally angered pro-choice and anti-choice advocates alike.

NARAL came out with a withering response this morning - calling him a total liar.


Oh, and then came SCOTUS. Elena Kagen killed Walker's slim hope to slice off a few thousand votes with a photo ID law instituted after absentee voting had already begun.

Republicans are apoplectic. Not because they think voter fraud will rule the day - if it did, how in the hell did they all get their stupid asses elected? I mean they run the entire fucking state and STILL ramble on about voter fraud.

No, they are apoplectic because this means, young people, poor people and minorities will have an easier time voting...for someone else.

There is also a debate tonight. Let's hope Mary Burke kicks Walker right in the nuts - figuratively, of course. He's had a shit week, let's go for the weekend.