Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hello Doe: Shady Schimel Bringing Slimey Back

Brad Schimel picked a fight with Susan Happ over an old case in which a scumbag (who previously bought property from Happ's husband) got a pretty good deal through her office, and then made a campaign contribution to her run for Attorney General.

Happ pointed out in a county as small as Jefferson - a lot of people cross paths, but returned the money anyway.

Good for her - because, that's totally different than...say, WI supreme court justices hearing cases against people who literally donated millions of dollars to their election campaigns.

But the Siren digresses...

Well, it was just a matter of time before people started looking into Schimel's record and what they found was not flattering at all.

One Wisconsin Now looked up Schimel's campaign finance reports and discovered he used campaign contributions to cover babysitting costs for his kids. Turns out - that's illegal. C'mon, how was a guy running for state attorney general supposed to know that? Sheesh!

Then, in response to the reinstatement of marriage equality, Schimel said it is the AG's job to uphold the law - so much so that he would have totally enforced the ban on interracial marriage back in the day.


The law is the law, right? Except the attorney general actually does get to decide what they will or will not do. JB VanHollen, for example, just this week said he will not defend state officials in a new John Doe related lawsuit brought by the Club for Growth that says it has a constitutional right to coordinate with candidates - even though the law says they don't.

The law is the law...wait. What?

Schimel has gone positively vaporous that Democrats are skewering him for the remark. Perhaps he just got caught saying what he really thought.

Speaking of John Doe... It seems that Darlene Wink's lawyer, (Remember her? She was Scott Walker's former aid, the one who sang like a bird to stay out of jail?) helped her destroy evidence on her computer and got totally busted for doing it.

By busted, we mean he was scolded and then ignored because Schimel, who was the district attorney at the the time, declined to file charges against him. A month later the lawyer made a nice contribution to Schimel's campaign...which probably went to pay the babysitter.

Now they all go in on table together at the Waukesha Lincoln Day Dinner because the law is the law...unless you are a Republican.