Thursday, October 30, 2014

5 Days: Calm The Fuck Down

The best thing that could have happened with 5 days to go in the election: Marquette came out with a wildly misleading poll putting Scott Walker ahead of Mary Burke by 7 points among likely voters.

Shit just got real for folks on the ground doing GOTV. Thank you, Charles Franklin.

After weeks of tied polls within a range of polling sources, Marquette - all of sudden - shows a surge for Walker.

People lost their fucking minds, running blindly into their neighborhood knocking on doors and calling their friends to make sure they are going to vote.

Good. Light your hair on fire you bastards, because this race is tied and you need every single vote.

Of course, as Marquette broke, the typical rats started packing up to leave the ship, mumbling something about Mike Tate. They always do.

Note: We've seen Tate's competition for state chair, and as they say - you can't prove a negative - this might be one instance in which you can. Joe Kallas could not have pulled off overseeing a $16 million governor's race, let alone win it. No. Fucking. Way.

So, here's the thing...Marquette's "likely voters" are those that say without a doubt, absolutely 100% sure they are going to vote. People who say they are "very likely" don't make the list and there were 8.9% of them. There were also 4.9% of people who were 50-50 they were going to vote.

Likely voters and 50-50 voters favor Burke over Walker and that is not an insignificant percent of people - 13.8% to be exact.

The Siren's advice?

Calm the fuck down and go knock doors. Forget the yard signs and the TV ads. Drive people to their polling place, put together walk packets if you can't canvass. Make a sign, stand on the corner and tell people to vote. Calm the fuck down and trust your field staff.

This is no time to be blogging, either! The Siren will be checking in via Twitter, the next few days so find us there. Good luck and do what you do best: Get Out The Vote!