Thursday, September 11, 2014

Your Panicked Governor: Back To School Edition

Scott Walker (the college dropout) came to UW Parkside yesterday and spoke to students...12 students.

Seriously, the "event" was closed to students save for a few hand picked ones - meaning ones who already agreed to the talking points established by his campaign and wouldn't ask non-approved questions.

Other students interested in the event, were turned away.

Walker went back-to-school (insert all the puns and irony you can) to flout his two year tuition freeze in the UW system. Awesome. Walker had to issue a tuition freeze. See, it's not that he values higher education so much (clearly), it's that he cut $400 million dollars from their budget.

Someone has to make up the difference, right?

What Walker didn't want to talk about was student loan debt - which has actually surpassed credit debt in the U.S.

College loans have topped $1.3 TRILLION and threatens to cripple our economy. Why? Well, unlike home or car loans, student loans cannot be refinanced, a person cannot file for bankruptcy because of student loans and they will deduct that shit from your social security if you haven't paid up when you hit 65.

Never happen? It already is.

Libertarian douchebags are all "don't take the loan if you can't afford it," like they paid cash for their houses and cars. Who do you think is going to buy your house (or any house) when young people are already mortgaged to the limit before they get their first job? Who is going to buy a new car - or actually much of anything?

The least we could do is allow kids to refinance their loans.

So why did no one propose that? They did. Cory Mason authored a bill last year - which Scott Walker and the Republican legislature completely ignored. So, after they were done slashing the budget for UW and technical colleges - they put a teeny, tiny bandaid on the damage with the UW tuition freeze - which of course does nothing for the thousands of students who are mortgaging their future before they can even legally drink beer.

That is why Scott Walker's back-to-school tour is only for a dozen students at a time - there are literally only 12 kids who don't want to talk about other things besides how great he is.