Thursday, September 18, 2014

Wanggaard Chickens Out On Debate...Again!

Van Wanggaard has learned absolutely nothing from being put out on his ass as a State Senator by his friends and neighbors two years ago.

He moved his schtick westward to areas where people didn't personally know him - therefore increase his electability chances - and he's pulling the same crap that got him canned to begin with:

Running from debates.

Wanggaard was scheduled to debate Democratic opponent, Randy Bryce, tonight at Gateway's iMet Center. However, when the sponsors contacted his campaign to confirm all the arrangements yesterday, he was like - yeah, not gonna be there.

Wanggaard's history of ditching debates is legend. He once scheduled a debate with only himself - when his opponent showed up anyway - he wouldn't let him even ask a question.

See, guys like Wanggaard and primary opponent, Jonathan Steitz, love to talk to eachother. The script is so comfortable and narrow: (insert Phil Hartman Frankenstein voice) Schools BAD! Taxes BAD! Fire BAD!

Van doesn't want to talk about Medicaid funding loss, WEDC's malfeasance, the budget deficit which looks like now it will top $3 BILLION. He sure isn't gonna talk about poverty or unemployment - which was pretty likely to come up tonight against Bryce.

So Van did what Van does best: cut and run.

Wanggaard knows he has the votes and he doesn't have to waste his time earning them. It's really a shame Republican voters in his district won't hold him accountable - he's a terrible politician, created by a totally rigged system.