Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scott Walker's Deep Thoughts: Piss Testing The Poor

There is a reason our society is not run by public consensus - it is because people are stupid...and mean.

If we had put ending slavery to a vote, it wouldn't have ended. That is why we have constitutional rights that are not subject to the ignorance of the electorate or the malevolence of the majority.

When times are hard, people look for a scapegoat to blame, and none look harder than politicians who are either out of ideas or members of the tea party who generally avoid ideas at all costs.

"Cracking Down" is the default position of the politician who has failed in the "Creating" department. We crack down on criminals, crack down on immigrants, crack down on fraud. People love this crap, because they know government is inept and run by people they wouldn't make room for in the pew on Sunday.

So, when a politician says they are going to "crack down" on anything - it's music to their ears. Cracking down also sounds cheap - MUCH cheaper than creating something. Creating is expensive and probably means more taxes to be wasted by the people in government they don't trust.

Take voter fraud. Scott Walker said he was going to crack down on voter fraud. Scott Walker was going to make sure bad people could not continue to steal elections...without one person ever mentioning that HE was elected by the same process.

Scott Walker instituted a voter ID law - that had a lot of public support - which only inspired him to make the law that much tougher. It didn't matter that voter fraud in Wisconsin was virtually non-existent. It didn't even really matter that his law was going to cost the state money to implement BEFORE the lawsuits started.

Scott Walker wrote a bad voter ID law and it has cost taxpayers millions of dollars in legal fees.

Now, he's got his new plan which will result in state employees searching the nation for birth certificates which will be obtained and turned into free state ID's for voting purposes to address a problem that never existed in the first place.

It's a lesson in politicking to the masses - who are stupid and mean. It also proves that "cracking down" can be a lot more expensive than one would imagine.

This week, Scott Walker says he wants to drug test people on welfare.

No one wants to pay taxes so that drug users can sit at home taking drugs - which makes it a super popular idea. It is oh, so easy to sell.

The catch is, it's unconstitutional. You can't just test people's urine. It's also expensive. Do people think those tests would be administered by volunteers using free test kits?

States that tried the same thing found two very interesting results:

1. Poor people didn't take drugs. In fact, the number of people who turned up positive was less than the general public that included the sector that wanted the stupid law.
2. They got sued in Federal Court and lost.

Another "crack down"that was expensive to implement, addressing a problem that didn't exist in the first place, while racking up millions in legal fees.

Drug testing the poor is popular, but so is drug testing politicians. We say, you first, Scott Walker.