Monday, August 25, 2014

Your Panicked Governor: August

The walls must surely look like they are caving in over at Scott Walker's campaign headquarters - with all that money they can't even buy themselves a good headline.

Friday brought the unfortunate Son of Doe document dump, revealing Walker was running the Club for Growth like a second campaign committee. A committee that didn't need to adhere to campaign finance laws like individual limits and disclosure policies.

Walker's campaign is trying to whistle and tap dance through the bad news, saying it wasn't "technically" illegal activity. Maybe, maybe not. The devil is in the details, however. Walker can raise money for Club for Growth - which is what they are solely focusing their comments on. What he cannot do is tell them how to spend to spend their money - which he totally did. In fact, he raised money for Club for Growth so he's have better control over how they spent their money and what everybody said about him once they got the cash.

See, in Wisconsin, you aren't allowed to have TWO campaign committees. That is why there is a John Doe investigation in the first place.

Oh, and the mining company gave nearly a million dollars, to the Club for Growth and Walker says he knew nothing about that...right.

If you have followed this story and wondered why these groups have fought so hard to keep the documents sealed - now you know why. The appearance or corruption is pretty stunning and it also seems clear regardless of what they say now - they thought what they were doing wasn't exactly legal.

So, Friday wasn't exactly a stellar day.

Sunday brought more bad WEDC news. Walker's creation really has become a Frankenstein for him.

Documents were released which revealed that Ashley Furniture was quietly given a sweet $6 million tax credit with a condition included that allowed them to cut nearly 2000 Wisconsin jobs.

$6 million for firing 2000 workers? Wow. Just, wow.

As Chairman of the WEDC board, why would Scott Walker ever approve a plan like that?

Ashley executives are doing some major spin control over the news - Scott Walker is saying nothing.

We do know that just a few weeks after the WEDC vote, Ashley's owners gave Scott Walker's campaign a $20,000 check. Any more questions?