Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wrong Way Walker: Only The Koch Brothers And Jesus Know Where He Is Headed!

Inspired by a clever turn of phrase from the insightful, James Rowen, at the Political Environment, we give you "Wrong Way Walker."

The latest Marquette poll which came out yesterday is pretty bad news for the Walker campaign. The guy just can't break 48%.

Worse, on issues voters were polled on, Walker is sucking the big one.

He's wrong on the minimum wage increase. He's wrong on Medicaid expansion. More people are catching on about his jobs numbers - with awareness about Wisconsin's poor job creation record under Walker has firmly taken root.

Seventy three percent of people polled are not happy at all about outsourcing and 55% think Wisconsin government can do things to prevent it - which is really bad for Walker and his personal creation of WEDC and their sad record of giving away millions of public dollars to companies in Wisconsin who have been regularly outsourcing jobs.

It's an ironic twist, considering the outsourcing issue was what the campaign had hoped to hang on Burke and Trek bicycle - only to be blown back for criticising a beloved Wisconsin company. That must chap their asses on a daily basis.

Barack Obama's approval numbers are up too - and guess what? Barack Obama is coming to Milwaukee on Monday for Labor Day - just after he meets with Mary Burke. It just isn't getting better for them.

Last, with Walker's new round of happy-clappy ads singing the praises of Wisconsin's awesome "personal income growth"  caused by an increase in Social Security benefits and Obamacare subsidies - the Walker factoid, however only measured the last quarter. Progressive blogs posted some inconvenient facts about Wisconsin's ranking over Walker's entire term, which found Wisconsin actually ranks last...and Politifact concurred it was true today.

That's the problem with statistics...and facts.

It is fascinating watching the Walker campaign spinning their wheels - there is just no traction to be found. Walker can't seem to spin much these days - and on the actual issues - he's caught himself firmly going in the wrong direction.