Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Republican Voter Fraud? Tell Us Tamra

Tamra Varebrook came on the political scene like gangbusters during the recalls of 2012. She started a blog called, "Tamra Tells It" and began tweeting faster than her rifle (which she likes to be photographed with) can shoot.

Up until then she had a sparse voting record - only casting a vote once in a while, mostly in November.

Varebrook didn't waste much time, chewing up the scenery checking recall signatures against Van Wanggaard and volunteering for the GOP to run as a fake Democrat against John Lehman in the recall election. She even held a fake fundraiser...for herself.

She fell in with the Racine Tea Party crowd, became besties with radio host, Vicki McKenna and Americans for Prosperity hostess, Nancy Milholland.

After Van Wanggaard lost his recall election and Barack Obama swept Wisconsin a few months later, something happened. Varebrook started hanging out with a different crown in the Republican party - the anti-establishment folks who talked about secession at the GOP state convention.

Their rap was embarrassing to the state party, who just wished they would all just shut up and play along.

Tamra went to the other side in the build-up to Van Wanggaard's triumphant return to politics - Van's sweetheart of 2012 boldly backed Jonathan Steitz for Senate. Tamra shot her mouth off a bit too much and had to distance herself from Steitz, who was getting a lot of flak over supporters trash-talking on the internet.

Perhaps, Tamra's ascent in the conservative political world was a bit too fast, and a lot too hot. She didn't study the rules and made enemies with long memories.

A complaint has been filed with the Wisconsin GAB that alleges Varebrook committed voter fraud by voting in the city of Racine when she had actually been a long time resident of Union Grove - using an address of a house in Racine that is owned by her daughter's father.

Weirdly, as the recall ramped up, a Journal Times reporter went to that house and was told Varebrook lived there by a woman who turned out to be Varebrook's niece, on the same day she began circulating papers for her fake run against John Lehman using an address in Union Grove.

All this happened on April 3rd, 2012. Varebrook voted in the city of Racine that day.

Worse, the complaint alleges that if Varebrook was a resident of Union Grove (as a long list of media references indicate she might have been), she falsely worked as a poll worker in Racine during the spring elections earlier that year, when paid poll workers were required to reside in the municipality of the poll they worked in.

The complaint has made it's way through bloggy types and excerpts of it were featured yesterday on both Cognitive Dissidence and The Prairie Badger. We are told the complaint has been forwarded to Racine County District Attorney, Rich Chiapete, a Republican with his own issues.

No doubt, it has already hit the circular file in his office and that is where it will stay. However, after reading it, we sure are curious.

A Republican who ran as a Democrat, a diehard Wanggaard supporter who then vehemently backed opponent, Steitz. Who is to say Varebrook isn't a Union Grove resident who just votes in Racine? Varebrook runs hot and then cold - except only one of these contrasts is illegal.