Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mark Gleason Must Resign - How Independent Press Helped To Save Land & Jobs Deal

Mt. Pleasant Village President, Mark Gleason, should resign his position immediately.

He won't.

The idea would never cross his mind, but that doesn't mean village residents shouldn't call for him to do so, anyway.

A joint village meeting between Sturtevant and Mt. Pleasant took place last night and they were able to hammer out a deal for a land swap/utilities agreement that will bring a development with a bunch of jobs to the area.

It's great news. That is, if they can lure back the developer who is now shopping in Kenosha because Mark Gleason and pal, Kurt Whalen, nearly killed the deal with Sturtevant.

Don't let them tell you different. They walked into a previous meeting with Sturtevant officials and announced the deal dead.

(We're not sure a deal can actually be dead if you, as Village President, never brought it to the Board of Trustees in the first place.)

Had it not been for the Racine County Eye, the online local newspaper run by the former editors at the Mt. Pleasant and Caledonia Patch, we wonder if anyone would have known about the land swap clusterfuck in the first place.

Frustrated Sturtevant officials were able to tell their side of the story to Racine County Eye reporter, Heather Asiyanbi, which revealed the utter incompetence of Gleason and Whalen, thus pressuring the village to act.

Nothing like a spotlight, when you get caught with your pants down to make you pull 'em up real quick.

FOG (Friends of Gleason), which is the entire board in Mt. Pleasant, save Gary Feest, will tell you the Racine County Eye is too negative, the board members in Sturtevant will tell you something very different - since the Journal Times was nowhere to be found until Asiyanbi shed some light on Gleason's pale, white bum.

Now, we don't much care for Mark Gleason. He's arrogant and never returns phone calls. He still hasn't paid his 2013 taxes on his Dora Lane house for Pete's sake!

But this is a big deal.

We're talking a few hundred jobs in an area with the highest unemployment in the state. Why? Because he just didn't get around to scheduling it on the agenda - even after he knew Sturtevant had already discussed and voted on the matter. Mt. Pleasant hadn't even brought it up casually.

When Sturtevant came forward, ready to go, Gleason said the deal was dead. Why? Because he didn't do his job.

Mark Gleason would have killed the deal rather than admit he hadn't even scheduled it for discussion with village trustees. Now the developer is looking at property in Kenosha because Mt. Pleasant didn't have it's shit together.

Had it not been for the Racine County Eye, there may not be even a second chance to pull this thing out of the crapper.

Please subscribe to the Racine County Eye. The writers do it for peanuts. Like them on Facebook or place an ad. What writers, Heather Asiyanbi and Denise Lockwood do is extremely vital and we need to support them.

As for Mark Gleason, he should resign. If he won't, the Siren suggests residents show up at village meetings every month and politely ask him to go away.

The next meeting is Monday, August 18th at 6:30 pm.