Tuesday, August 26, 2014

It's Cherry Picking Season With Scott Walker

Scott Walker has always had a flair for weaseling the truth - especially about numbers.

One week he says the BLS quarterly report is "the gold standard" and next he's touting CES numbers after calling them "not accurate."

It all depends on what numbers give him a better outlook - and that is getting awfully hard to find.

Walker's new ad claims that Wisconsin ranks 3rd in the Midwest for job growth. He's not wrong - it's just that 3rd place represents the last 30 days. Walker wants you to think when Mary Burke says 10 out 10 in the Midwest, he has somehow magically fixed the problem. He hasn't.

It's interesting that Walker is reaching back into his back of recall tricks - after all, they worked once before. Yes, but he was also up in the polls then, unlike now. His record and his promises are going to be his undoing so he's cherry picking anything that sounds positive.

Walker also wants supporters to know that Wisconsin ranks first in "personal income growth" as if anyone even knows what that is - a little less descriptive than "dead last in new business start-ups" don't you think?

Turns out "personal income growth" is the amount of money people take in - in the form of dividends, rent and a whole assortment of stuff that has nothing to do with Governors. PIG grew in 42 states, including Wisconsin.

Wanna know what the biggest factors were?

COLA's for Social Security and Medicaid expansion under Obamacare in the form of marketplace subsidies and additional access health care. So, congratulations...President Obama.

Walker newest, freshest cherry picked today is from a tweet this morning:
WI created nearly twice as many jobs during our 1st 3 years as were created in 3 yrs Burke worked for Doyle #WIComeback vs. #DoyleThirdTerm
Cute. Except during that same period, Wisconsin had 57,000 more jobs than today and state unemployment was a full percent lower.

Oops, not such a fresh picked cherry.