Thursday, August 7, 2014

Et Tu Fred Young? Et Tu?

Wow, what a kick in the nuts. Fred Young, millionaire outsourcer of Racine jobs, friend of Koch and nearly single-handed funder of all things Racine Tea Party, came out with a letter to the editor in the Racine Journal Times today endorsing Jonathan Steitz over Van Wanggaard.

That's seriously gotta sting.

Especially, because the Racine Tea Party (one of those "charitable" organizations that endorses political candidates), has endorsed Van Wanggaard.

Young totally bought into the whole "Wanggaard is a moderate" theme the Steitz campaign has effectively put forward, saying:
"Where Van was moderate, I am certain that Jonathan Steitz, also a decent and good man, will exhibit meaningfully more conservative tendencies in support of Gov. Walker's legislative agenda."
"...a few moderate senators, including Van Wanggaard, have compromised the Republican majority in the State Senate on several occasions."
The Wanggaard camp has been crowing about their endorsement numbers compared to Steitz, but this pretty much trumps them all. Does anyone really care that the Emperor of Mount Pleasant, Mark Gleason, endorses your campaign when the millionaire Koch summit guy doesn't?

The bumming can be heard throughout the county today for Wanggaard fans. Don't despair, you guys still have the cocaine drug ring doctor vote...that is, if they can vote.