Friday, August 1, 2014

Did Mark Gleason Screw The Pooch On Mt. Pleasant Land Deal?

Mark Gleason fancies himself to be "King of Mount Pleasant" and he answers to no one.

Taxes? He don't pay no stinking taxes!

Allowing the public to ask questions during board meetings? Not Gleason, even if it is a village ordinance. Silencio!

Gleason's royal ways have ticked off a whole bunch of people - he doesn't care.

However HRH may have just screwed the pooch on a land swap deal with Sturtevant for water and sewer for a development just west of UNFI.

See, Sturtevant held official meetings on the deal. Jim Ladwig and RCEDC had blessed the deal and there is some speculation a developer may have been in the wings.

So what's wrong?

Well, Mark Gleason apparently doesn't think he needs to meet or consult with the rest of the Mount Pleasant board of trustees - because he, Whalen, Sturtevant, RCEDC and Jim Ladwig all sat down and Gleason said he had no deal, it was dead.

This "news" to Sturtevant (and the county) who had been meeting on the deal for months was a real kick in the can. Not to mention putting the development in jeopardy.

Not so much of a surprise for anyone who knows Gleason and his sidekick, Kurt Whalen, who pretty much do what they want. Whalen was quick to comment to the Racine County Eye:
“The Sturtevant Village Board voted and approved an agreement that the Village of Mt. Pleasant considered a work in progress,”
Sturtevant Trustee, Chris Wright, is having none of it. He quickly posted a comment which read:
"With all due respect to Mr. Wahlen, we would not have voted on something that was considered a “work in progress”. It was communicated to us by Mr. Wahlen and Mr. Gleason that the terms in the agreement that we approved were the ones Mt Pleasant agreed to also. These negotiations have been going on for months and our board has been updated after every meeting by our Administrator, President, and legal counsel. If that has not been happening in Mt. Pleasant it is not our fault."
It seems that is news to Mount Pleasant Village trustees who can't recall meeting, not to mention voting, on the deal. Whoopsie, that's kind of a problem.

It seems almost impossible to imagine the previous Mount Pleasant administration, with its sex scandals and crazy cast of oddball characters was actually a step up from Gleason's regime - but the Siren would take that lot back in second.

Naturally, Gleason is not answering his phone. Wonder how long that will last?