Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cocaine Drug Ring Doctors For Wanggaard!

You've heard of "Sportsmen for" fill in the blank politician or "Women for" such and such running for office.

Van Wanggaard, formerly recalled senator and current candidate for state senate, has created a new category:

"Cocaine Drug Ring Doctors for Wanggaard."

Yep, on two of the busiest streets in Racine, Washington Ave. and Green Bay Road, dermatologist, Dr. Steven Armus and allergist, Dr. Michael Ganz, have used the property outside their offices to post a couple of big-ass Wanggaard signs.

Those are nice, high visibility areas for Van to advertise...except these guys might not represent the kind of people you would want to associate with if you were in a hotly contested primary.

Dr. Michael Ganz was charged with for his involvement in a cocaine drug drug ring from 2006 to 2009 to which he plead guilty. Dr. Ganz is also a campaign contributor to Van Wanggaard.

Dr. Steven Armus, facing life in prison for his role, implicated (and some say entrapped) his patients in order to receive a plea deal - that's gross on a couple of levels. Armus hasn't been sentenced yet, but the good news is he is still practicing medicine.

(Note: If he offers you cocaine during an exam, leave. It's a trap!)

Armus has big signs for both Wanggaard and Robin Vos - to whom he has contributed money.

We're not sure how the Steitz campaign has missed this connection, these guys have had signs for years for Republicans. Since the campaigns usually put up the big signs, they obviously know about the unseemly backgrounds of Armus and Ganz. They just don't care.

Oh, and BTW: the sign that Van has posted at the historical marker down by Old Green Bay Road are illegal. However, it's kind of a nitpick, after you've got known cocaine drug ring doctors advertising your campaign.