Monday, August 11, 2014

A Serious Turn In GOP Voter Fraud Complaint

Oh boy, things are getting serious for the voter fraud complaint alleged against GOP sweetheart, Tamra Varebrook. The Siren has been told that while the initial complaint to the GAB and the Racine County D.A. were well documented, but anonymous - D.A. Richard Chiapete would only open an investigation with a signed, formal complaint - which he apparently got late last week.

Voter fraud is a tricky bit of activity to prove. After reading the complaint, it seems that Varebrook's desire for the limelight may be what actually incriminates her.

The complaint rests on a long public media record of being a Union Grove resident, while maintaining an address in Racine for voting at a house her daughter's father owns.

Varebrook's niece lived in the house when the Journal Times came looking for her on the day she announced her campaign as a fake Democrat against John Lehman - which was also an election day. The niece said she wasn't "home," but Varebrook's nomination papers presented in the press all reflected a Union Grove address, her committee filed in Union Grove and had a bank account there too - but Varebrook voted in Racine that day.

That's an interesting coincidence.

If Varebrook was not really living in Racine - which plenty of people seem to know she was not - she has some explaining to as to why she worked and was paid as a poll worker in Racine just a few weeks before. Poll workers had to be residents of the municipality - lying about that also happens to be a crime.

It's a lot of rumor, however the complaint shows that Varebrook's daughter was listed in the Union Grove Elementary School honor role in the JT consecutively as far back as 2008 right through 2013 - without a single gap.

A long drive from Orchard Street - but possible.

The complaint is also filed against Varebrook's niece who lives at the Racine house - supposedly because she may have been okay deceiving a reporter, but not the District Attorney's office.

As one of our fellow bloggers pointed out last week, should this complaint turn into an investigation, Varebrook represents one of the highest ranked GOP activists accused of such a crime.

Varebrook not only worked on behalf of the state GOP as a protest candidate, but worked for Van Wanggaard as a volunteer in the recall and attended big time GOP events like the VP debate with Paul Ryan. Varebrook is best friends with conservative radio host, Vicki McKenna and has been an original activist with the Steitz campaign in the primary against Wanggaard - which has been crazy competitive.

Varebrook's twitter account has almost 5000 followers, mostly conservative, and has made her a presence in social media - particularly for Wisconsin politics.

If Varebrook blows up, she blows up on a whole bunch of people in the GOP. Which may why since news of the complaint surfaced early last week, there has been complete silence. Stone cold silence.

So, Rich Chiapete, the dinged-up GOP D.A. now has a choice. Just after the Wanggaard recall, Chiapete opened up an investigation in Racine over "evidence" found in community center dumpsters by Republicans which turned out to be poll worker practice sheets.

He now has a complaint that alleges a possible half dozen violations - but this time against a fellow Republican.

Chiapete may be a "crime-fighter" guy, but he is first a politician who is going to need to be re-elected in 2016. He's got a big target on his back after the tree killing, stoplight smasharooni "incident" of drunk driving earlier this year.

Does he need to court Republicans to keep his job? Does he need to be seen as tough on crime to be re-elected?

We think there is enough to open an investigation, one badly timed for area Republicans. Stay tuned - it's going to be interesting to say the least.