Monday, July 21, 2014

Walker's Trek Gamble Misfires, Badly

Harley Davidson, Wolf, Johnson Wax, Trek Bicycles. Just a few retail names associated with Wisconsin. They are as "Wisconsin" as the Dells and Door County.

So, what happens when a sitting Governor takes a giant crap on one of the most beloved and respected companies in the state?

Nothing good, as it would seem from the response to Scott Walker's "Fortune" ad that attacks opponent, Mary Burke, via her family's company, Trek. In the ad, Walker claims Burke made her fortune outsourcing jobs overseas, since a whole bunch of their bike are made there in addition to the ones built in Wisconsin.

A bold and risky move. Some might say, ignorant and cynical too.

It is as if Scott Walker came out and criticized Harley Davidson for making motorcycles overseas. No one running for office in Wisconsin would dream of doing that. (BTW: Harley does produce some of their motorcycles and plenty of parts outside the U.S.) It hasn't stopped Walker from appearing on his Harley with his HD jacket made overseas has it?

John Burke, Mary's brother, took out a full page ad in Sunday's Journal Sentinel defending the family company. He was not happy.

Also worth noting, is that Trek was one of five Wisconsin companies featured on WEDC's website just two years ago, praising Trek and its "pioneering spirit."

Walker doubled down on his attack by responding to Burke's ad through Twitter, by saying Burke didn't address their criticisms. This is not going to end well for Walker, which is a good thing for Mary Burke.