Friday, July 25, 2014

Statesman Robin Vos: Immigrant Children Pose "Health Risk" In Wisconsin

Robin Vos is a statesman for the ages, there can be no doubt. When historians look to the douchiest of Wisconsin politicians, it won't be Joe McCarthy they find, it will be Robin Vos.

Having received the official GOP talking points from buddy, Reince Priebus, Little Lord Pops-the-Corn wrote a letter to Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson, concerned about "health risks" associated with sending 50 refugee children from Central America to Wisconsin. Vos thinks they should be kept near the border instead of with family members in Wisconsin.

Mind you, the "health risks" aren't for the children but for Wisconsinites who might catch whatever imaginary diseases they could be carrying.

It's a particularly despicable meme originated by other Republican colleagues who went so far as to say refugee children from Central America could be carrying the Ebola virus, causing a bunch of white people to rally with awful and misspelled protest signs instead of spending the day at Walmart.

Not only does Vos insert the "health risk" doomsday scenario (used against immigrant children by American assholes for decades) Vos insists on calling them "illegal immigrants" instead of correctly identifying them as refugees, which have very specific laws about how they are processed.

Vos accuses Washington of not following the law - which they actually are, thanks to George Bush.

Let's also point out that Vos represents an area of Wisconsin which has the highest infant-mortality rate among African American children - not just in the entire state, but one of the highest in the country.

Health risk, my ass. It's a health risk for a lot of Wisconsinites just being born in Racine County, buddy.

With a primary coming up, Little Lord Pops-the-Corn needed a press release to calm the teabillies with pitchforks. Hating on some children trying to escape the violence and crime ruining their country is just what he needed. Calling for these children to be locked up and kept along the border instead of with family and friends is the kind of position only a guy with no children of his own could imagine is appropriate.

He's such an asshole.