Thursday, July 3, 2014

Scott Walker's Woman Problem

Republicans are obsessed with vaginas. Not like a hobby, but rather like icky creepers who must control them if they can't have one for themselves.

In spite of a lot of lip service from Reince Priebus about "rebranding" the GOP as more women, minority and youth friendly, GOP politicians act and vote like charter members of the He-Man Women Haters Club.

With the Hobby Lobby decision this week, allowing a privately held corporations to withhold paying for their employees birth control, which was made mandatory under Obamacare, the Supreme Court opened a Pandora's box on what businesses won't want to pay for based on religious grounds.

And it ain't gonna be Viagra, right Hobby Lobby? (Who famously use their corporate 401k to invest in pharmaceutical companies who manufacture abortifacients, but Sally in the yarn and fabrics department can't get an IUD paid for by her insurance.) Fuckers.

In Wisconsin, women have seen some pretty blatant vagina creeping from Scott Walker, who cut over a $1 million to Planned Parenthood (who try to make those IUDs affordable, since Sally can't get them through her employee insurance) resulting in the scheduled closing of four of their rural health clinics.

Mrs. Daughter of the American Revolution may not have to worry about paying for birth control, but chances are she's got a daughter or some nieces who might - who can't get a regular pap test or mammogram anymore either because Scott Walker cut the funding so he could give out a few more tax breaks to millionaires who contribute to his campaign.

Then there are the thousands of Wisconsin women who lost Badgercare under Walker's convoluted health care scheme (that's in the red, yo) and told to get health care through the marketplace - which wasn't designed for people that poor. Affording birth control would be a luxury - if they could get it - but they can't because their clinic is closed after Scott Walker cut the funds.

If poor Sally turns up pregnant, she's gonna have a transvaginal ultrasound (which is uncomfortable as hell) before she can have an abortion - even if her doctor doesn't want to administer it - he or she has to do it or faces going to jail. Sally gets to pay for the ultrasound too. Scott Walker signed the mandatory ultrasound bill in 2013.

If Sally discovers Fred, over in scrapbooking gets paid more even though he is less qualified and is the store managers lazy cousin, she can forget about taking the boss to a state court, because Scott Walker repealed the Wisconsin Equal Pay provision. Sally has to try her hand in federal court. Have you ever hired a lawyer who brings cases to federal court? Sally can't even afford her IUD!

If Sally happens to be gay, she can't get married in Wisconsin. She, and/or her kids with her partner, have no rights should one of them become ill. No tax benefits, no social security benefits like married people. Sally is on her own.

Scott Walker says what he thinks about marriage equality doesn't matter. His Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch, says it's the same as marrying a table or your dog. Gay Sally is out of luck in Wisconsin with Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch in charge.

If Sally is black, her children live in the state with the worst outcomes for African American children with the biggest achievement gap between white kids and black kids in the nation. The motherfucking nation.

If Sally had a black husband, the chances he was or is in prison is 1 out 8. Wisconsin locks up more black men than any other state in the country. That costs a lot of money - money that can't go to women's health clinics so Sally can get a cheap check-up or the IUD Hobby Lobby won't pay for. It means less money to go to Sally's kids schools which means her kids will be at the bottom of the achievement barrel increasing their chances of going to jail - especially the boys.

Sally is tired. We are too.

Will the Sally's of Wisconsin take all that baggage to the polls this November? Some people think they will. Scott Walker polls terribly with women. He's got a bright, well funded business leader for an opponent - who also happens to be a woman.

Who do you think Sally is gonna like more as the election grows near?

Midterm elections are about change - the pendulum swing. 2010 was a swing and the GOP took over. The Siren thinks they have overplayed their hand and it's gonna cost them with women.

Scott Walker has a serious woman problem. He knows it. Republicans know it. We need to make sure every woman in Wisconsin knows it too.

Have a happy holiday - see you all next week.