Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Scott Walker's Veteran Problem

Mary Burke is making the AP wire today with her promise to help repeal Scott Walker's law that makes it harder to sue for exposure to asbestos. It's part of his overall "tort reform" scheme to make it nearly impossible for everyday people to sue corporations and/or their employers in general. "Tort reform" is a dog whistle issue that only conservatives can hear that usually goes with the discussion about "frivolous lawsuits" and "wealthy trial lawyers."

What is significant about Burke's promise is that asbestos exposure causes cancer most often found in veterans. Apparently, servicemen and women were surrounded by asbestos which then laid dormant for years. Unknowing exposure also helped expose spouses and other family members too. All became prime candidates for mesothelioma cancer.

Military members can't sue the government for exposing them to asbestos, but they can sue the companies that made it. The list of those companies in Wisconsin is long - heck, the places in just Racine alone where you could have been exposed is scary-long.

Since life expectancy after diagnosis is roughly 4 to 18 months - the slower one can make the legal process, the better for businesses, and that's just what Scott Walker did to the grave disappointment to Wisconsin veterans.

Mary Burke says she will change that.

Scott Walker doesn't really want to talk about veterans, given his very embarrassing appointment of the guys who stole more than $60,000 from Operation Freedom.

He also doesn't want to talk about how Wisconsin is in the top ten in states with highest veteran unemployment, either. Veterans aren't one issue voters, but these lapses indicate a pretty big record of failure where vets are concerned.

This is a big problem for Scott Walker - it's nice to see Mary Burke calling him out on it.