Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Scott Walker's Prison Problem

Wisconsin spends double on prisons than Minnesota. No one disagrees, because it is a fact.

Wisconsin crime rate isn't noticeably different from that of Minnesota's to justify locking up around 25,000 people compared to Minnesota's 5500 inmates.

Even Paul Ryan came out last week and talked about prisons in his "poor people just need a life coach (or a parole officer)" poverty plan.

It's a real problem and that problem isn't more apparent anywhere else than in Wisconsin.

Like marriage equality, women's rights, pay equity, veterans and his jobs promise, Scott Walker does NOT want to talk about prisons.


Because, for the very first time, under Scott Walker, spending on corrections entered the top three things Wisconsin spends its money on after education and Medicaid (which of course could have been totally slashed if Stupid had just taken the Obamacare money), surpassing what the state spends on the UW system.

Why is spending so high? Fancy prisons? Tasty food? No because Walker instituted his own version of truth in sentencing upon taking office. Walker even rescinded court promised parole for inmates who should have gotten out years ago, but are stuck in his system.

See, Minnesota puts their non-violent offenders on parole and back in the community - Wisconsin locks them up and sends you the bill.

Add to the money and the population that Wisconsin incarcerates more black males than any other state in the country and you've got yourself a racist, expensive, boarding house for people who are not working or paying taxes - leaving behind families missing a bread-earner that might help keep them off the public dole.  

Wisconsin state faith leaders have been active for quite awhile about Wisconsin's dirty little secret for the last two years - this week they got loud about it in a report focusing on rampant abuse at Wisconsin prisons across that and particularly at Waupun Correctional.

Now, when the Siren and Paul Ryan actually agree the corrections system and spending are out of control - you know this not a some libtard talking point. So what gives? Why aren't more people, besides a bunch of gentle ministers, yelling about this?

Read the comments. People are fucking stupid.

It isn't just the lack of sympathy for folks who are doing serious time for nonviolent drug offenses, we already know they don't give a shit about their fellow man.

It's the moronic inability to do simple math.

These jerks who rally against paying taxes because the government is inept and inherently greedy - never stop to let that one poor brain cell knocking around their gigantic bobbleheads connect to the idea that 1/3 of the money they so bitterly complaint about is going to lock up a shit load of people who would be better off working, going to school or just spending some money at stores in their own towns.

These dumb fuckers puff out and beat their chests, proud of the idea they are "tough on crime" and never stop to figure out how much it costs them.

Scott Walker's 2011-13 budget spent $2.25 BILLION on the prison system which factors down to a cost of $3.1 million PER DAY it costs the state. Minnesota - which is very similar to Wisconsin, spends a fraction of that.

If the state started sending out a bill to taxpayers every month with their share of the prison bill, we might actually see some prison reform in our state. Until then, the "lock 'em up and throw away the key" crowd will not talk about it.