Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scott Walker's Obamacare Problem

The Siren has nearly made it a part-time job writing about how Scott Walker screwed up his side of the Obamacare rollout. In spite of our best efforts, Scott Walker is still screwing it up, months after the fact.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services came out today with a report which says that nearly 70% of people (roughly 54,000 residents) who were kicked off of Badgercare under Scott Walker's plan, did not purchase health insurance through the marketplace.

Why? Because insurance on the marketplace was too expensive and not designed for people at that level of income. Something Scott Walker knew and was warned about, but did anyway.

That is why the President and the federal government offered Wisconsin 100% of the cost to keep them on Medicaid (Badgercare) and Scott Walker said no.

Not only did Walker say no, he said his plan made sure that everyone in Wisconsin had access health care. He didn't mention the part about because he turned the President down, Wisconsin taxpayers were footing 40% of the bill to cover less people instead of 0%.

The DHS report highlights not only are 54,000 people without health insurance in Wisconsin (driving up health care costs when they become sick and can't pay for it) but we're paying more for a shitty outcome.

Just to make your head explode, our gentle reader, the Siren reminds you that Walker's "Weaslecare" is in the red - to the tune of about $100,000,000 million. Worser and worser.