Friday, July 18, 2014

PWNED: Mary Burke Shuts Down Walker's Creepy Grandma Ad

Earlier in the week, the Scott Walker campaign released an ad taking a swipe at Trek bicycle for outsourcing jobs to China.

(Like it was some master plan to fuck over Wisconsin workers. There are seriously a half BILLION bikes on the roads in China. Compare that number to that of Wisconsinites one sees on bicycles every day - in all fairness their bikes could be loaded in the back of their SUVs, but we doubt it.)

If you were a company who wanted a piece of that kind of bicycle action, where would you build them? Never mind that Trek is the ONLY American bicycle company who actually builds ANY in the U.S.

Walker's ad was a creepy, mock comedy, of a Grandma (with some really disturbing teeth) reading a fairy tale to a child of Trek's story to take jobs away from Wisconsin workers. (These kind of wink and nod ads are only effective when the topic is not quite so serious, otherwise they come off as churlish and dumb.)

The timing was also a little stupid after newspapers across the state ran with articles this week about WEDC funding three Wisconsin companies who outsourced jobs to Mexico and China after they got awarded some nice taxpayer dollars. (Perhaps Walker's campaign advisors were too busy trying to figure what was mentioned in the John Doe emails set to be released to consider how ill-timed the ad would seem.)

Not taking that sitting down, Mary Burke came back with an ad that is smart, pointed and hits Walker right between the eyes. Enjoy...