Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Kaleka Fails To Make It Rain

Paul Ryan has millions of dollars to spend on his campaign with enough left over to buy him some political friendship for the rest of the millenium. This doesn't surprise anyone, the man practically prints it himself.

And even though Paul Ryan committed himself to a congressional term limit of 12 years and it's now 16 years later - he's still the king.

In 2012, opponent Rob Zerban, raised more money than anyone ever did against Paul Ryan - combined. Zerban also tightened up Ryan's win margin more than anyone in the past.

Then came 2013, and word spread of a new opponent on the horizon. Amar Kaleka, son of a slain Sikh leader in Oak Creek captured a lot of people's imaginations. Kaleka promised the support of Sikh's worldwide and name-dropped a whole bunch of famous people he knew and could count on.

With just less than 4 weeks to go before the primary election between Kaleka and Zerban, Kaleka filed his campaign contribution report with the FCC this week. In the last quarter, Kaleka raised less than $29,000 and has just under $10,000 cash on hand.

Not a stellar showing. (Zerban raised just about $84,000 and has $102,000 cash on hand.) Kalekas operating expenses have outpaced his fundraising and drained quite a bit of his resources with literally days to go before the primary.

There is no polling to tell us how voters are feeling about the race, so we can only really measure cash supporters.

In 2012, Zerban had to wait out the recalls before he could really get rolling campaigning and he was certainly affected some election exhaustion through the summer. It would be a shame if this primary against Kaleka holds him back again - especially if Kaleka doesn't turn out to be as strong of a contender as some hoped.