Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Exclusive Preview! WI State Civil Service Application

The state is secretly streamlining the system for hiring public workers. Why the zipped lips? Because it's so awesome they wanted to surprise you with it! The Siren has an exclusive preview of the new application and you won't believe how simple the process will be to get a public sector job - provided you meet a few special requirements.

Of all the depressing stories about how Scott Walker is screwing up - why has this story got public worker analysts sitting upright like meerkats sniffing the wind?

Because the last several years have taught us that when the Walker administration says it isn't doing something, you can bet they are.

Sure enough, an open records request showed Mike Huebsch and his gang have been taking a look at how public workers are hired and were super excited about how they worked it out in Tennessee - which cut layoff notice times from 90 days to 30, revamped performance reviews and eliminated seniority "bumping" rights also known as "last hired, first fired." (Conservatives hate that rule, since senior workers tend to get paid more - they prefer to cut from the top when at all possible.)

To be clear, they were asked "multiple" times if they were meeting on this issue - and each time they said no. When they got caught lying about it - they said they were just "modest" meetings.

These are the guys who spent most of last year arresting people for singing, and then had all their cases thrown out of court. We can all rest easy knowing they are applying the combined forces of their single shared braincell to the quandary of civil service applications.

It's not like the current administration has shown any disdain for public workers, right?

So in the new application, there are just four questions: name, date of birth, whether or not you signed the recall against Scott Walker and which one of the WOW counties you live in. Applicants who don't reside in Waukesha, Ozaukee or Washington counties will not be considered.

Of course, if you signed the recall - forget about it.