Tuesday, June 3, 2014

What Will The Racine County Clerk Do When The Gay Marriage Ban Is Kaput?

Last week, the Dane County Clerk stated he was ready to marry gay couples when Federal Judge, Barbara Crabb, strikes down the gay marriage ban in Wisconsin - as even dorky Republican, JB Van Hollen expects her to do.

It isn't a surprise that the clerk who serves Madison is ready and able to serve the hundreds of couples they anticipate will show up immediately to get married.

It did make us wonder what Republican, Racine County Clerk, Wendy Christiansen, will do?

Will she be ready? Will she drag her feet and say it took her by surprise?

The Siren's advice to our friends waiting for the inevitable is be prepared! The county has a helpful page on what you need to get your marriage license and remember for an extra $25.00 you can waive the the waiting period and get married that day - totally worth it in our opinion.

Get your forms ready and when the decision is handed down - get to the clerk's office right away! The Racine County clerk is located in the County building at 730 Wisconsin Ave. on the first floor.

It will be a great day.