Monday, June 16, 2014

Scott Walker's Marriage Equality Punt Isn't Going To Work

Scott Walker's day of reckoning on gay marriage started a while ago. When proposition 8 was overturned in California and states started challenging their own bans - Scott Walker should have seen it coming.

When Barack Obama announced he had changed his mind about gay marriage the world hardly took notice.

Then Wisconsin, the Koch brother's very own test tube baby, elected Tammy Baldwin to the Senate in 2012 - out and proud and looking like the Wisconsin milk-maid type stock she comes from - no one seemed to care a lick that she was gay.

Scott Walker should have seen the writing on the wall. The court cases kept rolling and it would only be a matter of time before it was Wisconsin's turn.

Mr. Unintimidated didn't prepare himself very well for talking about marriage equality as a campaign issue - 'cause here it is and he's got nothing to say to anyone AT ALL.

Walker knows the polling has changed - but his base has not. He can't say he's for gay marriage - the "end of times" crowd would eat him for lunch. He can't say he's against it - because the real Libertarians types (not the fakey teabillies) don't think it's right that the government gets to weigh in on what constitutes a marriage.

Oh, he just doesn't want to talk about it at all!

He hid and ducked for a few days, doing his best to not say anything, but the press kept after him. After days of waiting, Walker had this to say:
"It really doesn't matter what I think now," Walker said at one point. "It's in the constitution."
Yeah and that was found unconstitutional, derp. Talk about wiffing the ball.

Mary Burke isn't letting him slide for a second. Walker wants to pretend that since the ban - which he supported - is playing out in court, that what the Governor "thinks" about it is irrelevant. His opinion mattered in 2006 when he first ran for Governor, but now that he is Governor, it doesn't?

People can smell a weasel like that even when they like you - it ain't gonna fly.

Mary Burke is wise to keep pushing him on this - not because it's a winning issue - but because his unwillingness to state his position is an epic fail. Really epic.