Friday, June 20, 2014

Scott Walker, You Are A Very Bad Man

Everything you know about how Scott Walker became Governor and survived a recall election is an illusion.

Everything you suspected about him is true.

Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy and Toto finally get to meet the great and Powerful Wizard of Oz? The Wizard will get them back home to Kansas, but instead they discover he is not great or powerful - he is just a man pulling levers behind a curtain.

It's really a very sad scene. The great man they pinned their hopes to has been fooling everyone all along. Dorothy says to the Wizard, "you are a very bad man."

A bad man, indeed.

It is thrilling to feel you are part of a movement. The heavens align behind an idea whose time has come in the form of the inevitable statesman. Barack Obama was, and still is, that kind of guy for Democrats. A black man, raised by a single-mother, ascending to the White House captured the imagination of the entire world. His presidency was inevitable - just ask John McCain.

For conservatives, they have had less luck in that area in recent years. Maybe that's why they cling so hard to the memory of Ronald Reagan - even though he was a guy who blew up the deficit, raised taxes and granted amnesty to tens of thousands of immigrants. They say his name like a saint.

Scott Walker, never quite cut the heroic figure, but conservatives anointed him nonetheless. Walker would deliver the conservative doctrine to the masses and save the state. To further their proof, bastions of conservative thought and action like the Club for Growth, Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Americans for Prosperity, the Bradley Foundation, the MacIver Institute all rallied behind the man who they saw as inevitable. Scott Walker would survive a historic recall election - the first recalled governor to do so. One of the most expensive state races in history.

It was God's hand.

As we know today, it wasn't God's hand that helped Scott Walker survive - it was Scott Walker's hand.

All those conservative organizations weren't aligning behind Scott Walker - they were being run by Scott Walker.

The money, oy, the money. Millions of dollars flowing from one to another from dark places with only Scott Walker privy to its origins. It wasn't a conservative movement, it was a front. All designed to make sure Scott Walker survived the recall election. He even bragged about it to Karl Rove.

Karl FUCKING Rove.

And the Teabillies? The ones that never suspected something was up when coach busses and jumbotrons showed up at their rallies? They did their part, with paid staff from Americans for Prosperity making sure they donated their social security dollars to Club for Growth - like they needed it.

The Teabillies came to Oz to meet the Wizard. The great and powerful man who would restore them back to where they came from, he would make them whole again.

Instead he was just a balding, pasty guy pulling levers behind a curtain.

Scott Walker, you are a very bad man.