Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scott Walker Doesn't Dislike ALL Of Jim Doyle's Commerce Secretaries

In fact, Scott Walker likes Republican, Dick Leinenkugel, a whole bunch. Interestingly, it was under Leinenkugel's tenure that Wisconsin lost the most jobs during the recession. Funny, Walker never mentions that.

Scott Walker has been yapping over and over about Mary Burke's performance as Commerce Secretary and how electing her will be a Jim Doyle sequel.

The Siren went back and looked at the jobs numbers while Jim Doyle was Governor - and boy, did the job market crash. The whole country took a crapper going into the fall of 2008, including Wisconsin, which bled jobs through January of 2010.

Except, Mary Burke wasn't Commerce Secretary then - Republican, Dick Leinenkugel was.

Well, that's a bit of creative editorializing isn't it?

Mary Burke was Commerce Secretary from 2005 until November, 2007. Leinenkugel came on board in September, 2008 and left in April of 2010 to run as a Republican against Russ Feingold.

If you want to see a picture of what jobs looked like, here's a graph:

Leinenkugel jumped ship just as Doyle is starting to realize a bit of recovery.

Why do you suppose Walker never mentions this? Because Leinenkugel is a Republican? Because he is a Walker campaign donor? (Both personally and $57,000 from MillerCoors employees.)

When the shit hit the fan, it was a Republican who answered the phone in the Commerce Department.

Then, of course, there still is that annoying inconvenient truth that when Walker took over as Governor, Wisconsin was ranked 11th in job creation and Walker rode her down to 35th - lagging behind the nation and the midwest with a three year low.

The Siren says, when Scott Walker brings up the supposed armageddon Mary Burke will bring down upon our state, someone should politely ask him how he feels about Dick Leinenkugel?