Thursday, June 5, 2014

Paul Ryan: The Lie That Launched A Thousand Ships

Photo credit: Down with Tyranny
Medicare is going broke. We are all doomed.

Is this what we pay politicians to do now - project that all is lost if we do nothing and then watch them go about their business making sure we do nothing?

Even Politifact has gotten tired of Ryan's schtick - calling his forlorn tale of woe a bunch of crap today.

Paul Ryan perfected his dystopian routine at senior citizen matinees across southeast Wisconsin for better than a decade now - with little good news and a whole bunch gloom to scare the shit out of grandpa.

So, why isn't it working anymore?

Well, when you're the young upstart pointing the finger at how the political establishment is mucking it up for everyone, people tend to listen. Paul Ryan isn't the young upstart anymore - he IS the establishment - and if shit is fucked up, it musta been you who helped cause it.

And so he did.

Everyone, even grandpa, knows Ryan's record on contributing to the deficit is a lightening bolt from God waiting to happen. Everyone knows Ryan's Social Security dramatization is better fixed by lifting the income cap just a little rather than putting old people on ration vouchers.

Medicare? Well, Ryan is trying to capitalize on how little people actually understand how Medicare is funded. Politifact does a good job of explaining how Ryan is leaving out a big piece of the picture when he attempts to make us all think getting a few bucks to go get private insurance for pops is a better deal.

No one believes him anymore. As the politician who gets more money from health insurance companies and big pharma than any other, his starlit shine is looking a bit crusty.

Paul Ryan may have once been a "Young Gun" - his track record in lying has made him dumb pun.

They don't call him "Lyin Ryan" for nothing.