Thursday, June 12, 2014

Is Van Wanggaard About To Get "Cantorized"?

The civil war going on between fans of Van Wanggaard and fans of Jonathan Steitz, Republican candidates for State Senate in the 21st District has been amusing Facebook thread reading.

(Note: don't any of you guys have spell-check in your browsers? "Nieve." Come on!)

It has also reminds us quite a bit by the stunning upset in the Virginia primary this week, when GOP leader, Eric Cantor, lost his seat to political upstart, Dave Brat.

Wanggaard is the political insider, who showed up in the background of every local GOP press conference like the character from the movie, Zelig. His presence telegraphing that while he might not be the current Senator, it was only a matter of time.

Wanggaard has the endorsement of everybody who actually matters in conservative establishment. While he has the name recognition of an incumbent, he also carries the baggage of being someone seen to have waffled on big conservative issues like union busting and school vouchers.

Van is SO Eric Cantor.

Jonathan Steitz has laid his groundwork to the right of Van, and has hammered him everyday for being a rubber-stamp and not a true conservative.

As Dave Brat pounded Cantor on immigration, Steitz has been giving Van the same treatment on unions and schools.

Van has money and backing, Steitz has actually tapped into donations quite well in spite of his lack of endorsers.

Will Steitz "Cantorize" Wanggaard?

He just might. If we were Van, we would be more than a little nervous about that kind of ass kicking as a trend and not just a fluke.

Like nearly everyone watching what happens in Virginia, what will be the voter appetite for the guy who ran to the right of the Republican be when presented with a Democrat who promises to listen and play well with others in Madison - as Democratic candidate, Randy Bryce has promised.

Are the all-important swing voters (who will actually decide the race - not feuding teabilly factions), fed up with intransigence and gridlock enough to put in a Democrat who isn't the crazy of the crazy?

There could be more than one trend and work here.