Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hogging The Uline Credit

Good news! Uline in Pleasant Prairie is expanding and adding 500 jobs.

New jobs are a rare occurrence these days in Wisconsin, so it didn't take long for everybody running for office to start hogging the credit.

Van Wanggaard was quick to remind people that it was his very self who authored the TIF bill making the expansion possible.

It's true, he did.

But so did Senator Bob Wirch - a Democrat. Reps. Steinbrink, Barca and Kirkman got it through the Assembly - two Democrats and a Republican. All who were in state office - except Wanggaard - when Uline made its move to Wisconsin back in 2008.

Naturally, Scott Walker was in Pleasant Prairie to announce the expansion. He needs some fucking good news, doesn't he?

[Uline owner, Dick Uihlien, was no doubt super happy to have his pet governor there. Hopefully the traffic from his home in Illinois (like many of Uline's employees) wasn't too bad.]

No one mentioned that it was Jim Doyle and his administration which, sorry to burst your teabilly bubble, included Commerce Secretary, Mary Burke, pulled together the original $6 million in financial assistance which got Uline to cross the border to Wisconsin...while Scott Walker was busy playing with his secret router system in Milwaukee.

Charlie Sykes, stupid website wondered when Burke would come forward to take credit again? Well, she'd have to get past Van Wanggaard and Jonathan Steitz first. They had already posted dueling Uline images positioning themselves as champions of the day.

Success does indeed have many fathers.

Funny, no one ever posts Facebook memes of the companies that have closed. Just a few recently nearby:

Lakeview Farms, Bristol - 150 jobs
Supervalu, Pleasant Prairie - 155 jobs
Brightree Services, Kenosha - 50 jobs
American TV, Oak Creek (only) - 61 jobs
Piggly Wiggly, Kenosha - 46 jobs
SC Johnson, Racine - 400 to 600 jobs
Food Service Contractors, Racine - 27 jobs
General Line Merchandisers, Kenosha - 119 jobs

If you want to hog credit for being a politician who helped to create an environment which created jobs, you are also on the hook for the ones that failed too.

Thanks to our friend, Jeff Simpson, at Cognitive Dissidence for also reminding us that Scott Walker's WEDC - which replaced the Commerce Department (Hey! Van Wanggaard - you get credit for this too) has massively underperformed, been riddled with accounting malfeasance and created less job growth over the last three years - then was created during the worst recession in a lifetime.