Thursday, May 29, 2014

Stink Eye For The Folk Guy

Racine County Republican Party Chairman, Bill Folk, will not be the next Wisconsin Secretary of State.

Folk announced Wednesday he was ending his rather controversial run, by saying he didn't have the support of GOP leadership in Madison to continue.

He didn't have the support of the rank and file either, who voted to endorse "He of the Awesome 'Fro" Julian Bradley, in the very first round at their state convention in early May.

On paper, Folk looked like the insider's choice - a party guy with lots of friends in high places. Folk took the unusual tack from other GOP candidates by saying instead of doing away with the office, he would restore the Secretary of State's job of overseeing elections away from the GAB - who he called "unaccountable."

The good old days of the Elections Board weren't so great in the memory of some GOP leaders. After all, the GAB was created to eliminate the cronyism that plagued the Board. Plus they had spent the last few years arguing that Doug LaFollette's job was a wasteful expense for taxpayers. The Walker administration limited his job even more.

Folk looked woefully out of step.

It didn't help matters much that he was a valued member of the Republican VPP (Very Pale Penis) Club - up against one of about 3 active African American Republicans in the state.

Woefully out of step.

This week is do or die for state candidates - with nomination signatures due by June 1st. in order to appear on the ballot. Folk's adieu from the race is no coincidence. It's possible he didn't have the 2000 signatures needed to qualify for the statewide seat.

State Republicans may also be sending strong hints to unendorsed candidates to get out of the way.

In either case, it's interesting that Folk chose to reveal in his press release he didn't have the support of leadership for his ideas.

Julian Bradley is a former Democrat, who was "born again" after his mother (a lifelong Democrat) told him he "sounded like a Republican." He's keeping a lid on a lot of his ideas, so it's hard to say how far he's actually strayed from his Democratic beginnings.

Bradley says he wants to "reform" the office, sounding a lot like a good soldier the party can reward with a job - and it doesn't hurt that he's a minority.

It is no wonder Folk is a little bitter. He got trumped by a former pro-wrestler tuned cable guy, kid from nowhere - picked because he'll make Scott Walker look less voter suppressionist bastard.

Damn. Politics is cold.