Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Scott Walker Praises Vets On Memorial Day - No Mention Of Marine He Refuses To Pardon

The Siren hopes you enjoyed the long weekend courtesy of our fallen veterans - they made the ultimate sacrifice and some of us get a day off work.

The politicians hit the Memorial Day activities and parades all over the state. Each reserving the right to be the veterans candidate of choice.

Scott Walker even dared to stand next to U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin at Wood National Cemetery on Monday to honor the fallen and praise Medal of Honor recipient, Gary Wetzel.

Wetzel's bravery is worthy of much praise - too bad it came from a guy who will drive tens of miles from his house to praise him, but won't lift so much as a pen to pardon another war hero who punched guy in the nose two days after returning from Iraq and cannot become the police officer he dreamed of becoming after his service was finished.

That's right. Wisconsin Marine veteran, Eric Pizer, served his country overseas for two tours of duty - one in Kuwait and a second in Iraq. Pizer was out in a bar hours after getting stateside and had a couple too many. Trying to break up a fight in an alley outside - someone came at him from the side and he landed a solid right jab - breaking the guy's nose.

Pizer's arrest in the incident resulted in a felony charge which an unwilling DA in Grant County refused to bargain down. Pizer was convicted and as a felon, he is not allowed to own or carry a gun - a severe detriment to his plans and associates degree in criminal justice.

Pizer can ask for a pardon from a state pardons board - except Scott Walker has not appointed one. Walker decided early in his term to not issue pardons as Governor - because that's the kind of Christian he is - and so he created no board to recommend pardon applications to him.

It's not like Pizer was Scott Walker's friend who embezzled money from wounded vets and war widows - I mean that's beyond forgiveness, right?

In the past Walker has had this to say about our state's veterans:
"We have the privilege of living in the greatest nation in the world. Our freedom comes with a heavy price, which is paid by our veterans. Our veterans have sacrificed their time and risked their well-being for our protection and we owe them our gratitude. Today, and every day, we honor their service and assist them in whatever way we can."   
Every way except issuing one a pardon so he can serve his community as a police officer. Honestly, we expected more from an Eagle Scout.