Monday, May 19, 2014

Scott Walker Goes To Hogwarts, Irony Dies

Imagine sending your child to private college, 4 years of tuition, books and lodging, concluding with graduation day.

You rally the family for the commencement ceremony. Who will deliver the all important commencement address?

Governor Scott Walker, college dropout.

What?! Yes, Mom and Dad, Scott Walker is going to congratulate your child on completing something he failed to do: graduate from college.

Scott Walker received a tepid welcome on Friday at Concordia University as the keynote speaker at the commencement ceremony for the class of 2014.

Dressed in a turd brown gown - comically missing any of the embellishments of the faculty gowns - they didn't even award him an honorary degree.

Smart move. It was problematic enough to invite the controversial speaker who hadn't managed to complete a bachelors degree, giving him a degree for free might have actually sent the cash strapped parents and their loan-maxed kids into a killing frenzy.

Since Walker could not speak to the accomplishment and benefits of having graduated from university - he employed a recent ride on a zip-line as a metaphor for life - taking risks, a leap of faith, and all that crap.

Of course, the metaphor most people realized was Scott Walker's zip-line out of college. It was not particularly appreciated.

Not all irony is funny.