Wednesday, May 28, 2014

$900k Americans For Prosperity Ad Stars Kenosha Nutty Tax Delinquent

National press took time on Monday to comment on Americans for Prosperity's ad buy of just under $900,000 to bolster the Scott Walker reelection. They didn't name him directly (*coughs* *John Doe*), instead they let the folks in the commercial do the talking.

Too bad for all that money, they didn't bother vetting the people featured in the ad...because there was Kenosha's Pam Stevens, right there in living color talking about classroom spending like she was still on the Kenosha School Board and not shilling for dollars at Herbalife and owing the state $30,000 in taxes.

Maybe owing almost thirty grand isn't that big of a deal with the teabilly crowd - they are, after all, taxed enough already.

Do they just not pay taxes now AT ALL?

Patriots. Go figure.

Having a big CCAP list isn't our favorite thing about Pam Stevens - her politics are more whacked than her checkbook.

See, Pam is one of those black history "truthers" that try to convince other black people that Republicans are the real supporters of civil rights and if Frederick Douglass were alive, he'd be a Republican just like Martin Luther King was.

(The truth is MLK wasn't overtly partisan, but after Goldwater - the Republican candidate for President - came out in opposition of the Civil Rights Act, MLK all but endorsed Kennedy.)

It's fashionable now for members of the GOP to claim these dead heroes as members of their party - who can dispute them, they're dead.

Pam Stevens serves as the Wisconsin President of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, which calls itself the "The Largest Christ-Centered, Multi-Ethnic and Republican Ministry in America." Like their friends at Frederick Douglass Republicans - they spend a lot of time mining Republican history which suspiciously ends around 1964.

They are correct when they say historically, Republicans were politically anti-slavery and fought for civil rights. They are also correct when they say that middle class and educated African Americans were predominantly Republican before the civil rights days.

What they don't say is how the Democrats and Republicans basically switched parties when the Dixiecrats joined the Republican party and Nixon unveiled the southern strategy. (Republicans produced only five black politicians of note since 1970 - according to their own website - and one is Allen West.) (!) The civil rights supporters in the Republican party became Democrats and the Democrats in turn kicked out racists like Strom Thurmond who became a Republican.

That's the historical part they skip because their history lesson ends fifty years ago.

Pam has carefully placed inspirational Frederick Douglass quotes on the state Facebook page with a healthy dose of historical selectivity. For example...

Did you know that to this day, 50% of all black Senators were Republican? Well, it's not completely true. Five Democrats to four Republicans - two of them you have to go back to the 1870's, but it's something.

Pam posts links to the Frederick Douglass National website too. Did you know that Frederick Douglass Foundation Founder and President, Timothy Johnson, Ph.D. says Trayvon Martin was not a victim of racial hatred? Nope, no hate crime here at all.

Johnson says "Trayvon Martin looked a bit out of place in the eyes someone on neighborhood watch, and a confrontation ended very badly. Trayvon Martin didn’t appear out of place because of his race though. He just exhibited odd behaviors while hiding his head under a hoodie." 

Wow, thanks for clearing that up, Pam and Tim.

We wonder if Pam knows that Timothy Johnson Ph.D. was himself, involved in a confrontation that ended very badly - this one with his ex-wife and one charge of assault and one for kidnapping. Johnson served 18 months probation. It wasn't Johnson's first trip to the wife beaters rodeo either. Maybe she was exhibiting odd behaviors while hiding from his fists?

Apparently, Johnson's Ph.D. is also in question as is his reported military background.

We can all agree Frederick Douglass was a great man worthy of a foundation. This foundation, who hijacked his name, is waist deep in the "Black Genocide Movement" in addition to their selective use of history. A genocide not brought about by slave trade, but the one happening now caused by abortion. Black genocide nuts like to claim and repeat that 50% of black babies are lost to abortion - a totally false statement.

But after the wife beating, the fake degrees, the unpaid taxes and the totally made up history about who the Republicans were and who they are now - does it really matter?

Couldn't Americans for Prosperity, with all their money funneled in from the Koch brothers find one African American person to be in their super expensive commercial who wasn't a deadbeat, owing the state as much as the average Kenosha worker makes in a year? Could they not find one who also wasn't a civil rights denialist who believes black babies are being systematically murdered by Planned Parenthood?

Well, now that we think about, maybe they couldn't.