Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wisconsin Free! Secede While You Can!

The "Patriots" have seized control of the good ship, "GOP", and no one is more upset about it than other Republicans.

Next month, Wisconsin Republicans will vote on a resolution at their state convention whether to affirm the state's right to secede from the United States.

Um, relevance anyone?

Even the most generous polling doesn't include "secession" as an issue on anyone's radar. Regardless, secession it is, and it's getting a lot of nationwide attention - but not the good kind.

Who is behind this push to make secession a topic at the GOP convention?

The right-wing-nuts, who even Charlie Sykes calls "crackpots." They are the people who call themselves "Patriots" and randomly capitalize words like "Free Men" and "We The People" for no grammatical reason. The Oathkeeper, FEMA internment camp types. They have been talking about this stuff for years.

Why is this a big deal?

Well, plenty of people like the idea of state's rights, but they also like stuff like Medicare, Social Security, the VA - and you know - the Constitution. Confronted with the concept of going alone - those people become much more interested what the "extreme circumstances" might be which would invoke a secession process.

Their enthusiasm flags.

When questioned, Scott Walker had this to say, "I don't think that one aligns with where most Republican officials are in the state of Wisconsin — certainly not with me." Robin Vos' primary opponent, Bryn Biemeck, stated she supported it - so Vossy is going to have to weigh in eventually too.

As much as some Republicans would like secession enthusiasts shut up - the Siren thinks they may be on to something. They just have it backwards.

Instead of a "state's rights" movement, how about a "national right's" movement?

That's it, we don't acknowledge the right of the state to supercede our rights as U.S. citizens.

The state says a doctor has to stick an ultrasound device up my vagina in order to receive abortion services? Go to hell. Not doing it.

The state says I need a Wisconsin drivers license to drive my car? Kiss it. It's a free country, dammit. I'm gonna be a constitutional driver.

The state says I can't marry my girlfriend? Gonna do it today. Twice.

Certain Republicans think the federal government cannot infringe on their rights? Well, we think a tyrannical state government can't either - so we're going "Wisconsin Free." We don't acknowledge Scott Walker and the laws he has created to be valid as U.S. Citizens. Yep, we are officially autonomous U.S. citizens - we secede from Wisconsin - starting today.

Take that you crazy bastards.