Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Republicans Bury "New" Ryan Budget Debut On Obamacare Day

It's not a particularly good sign the new Paul Ryan Budget - which is basically the old Ryan Budget - got rolled out on the day everyone was talking about the complete success of the Obamacare enrollments ...and that it was also April Fools Day.

Or maybe that was the point.

While the President was in the Rose Garden announcing in spite of a rocky start to the ACA website, more than 7 million people signed up for health care (not including people who are covered by Medicaid which brings the total to closer to 10 million), Paul Ryan rolled out his 2014 budget proposal hoping no one would notice.

You may be asking yourself, didn't he and Patty Murray just pass a budget? Yes, they did, but it cut military spending and that was unacceptable to the teabilly element of the House. They needed some good ol' praise the Lord and pass the ammo style votes to bring back home before the November elections.

So, what does it cut in order to spend more on defense? Answer: Obamacare, and much more. Hold on Granny, he's a comin' for your Medicare and Social Security again!

Ryan wants to increase military spending by $483 billion and proposes cutting social safety net and entitlement spending by $5.1 TRILLION over the next 10 years. (That's you, Granny.) Pell grants cut $90 billion, education cut $145 billion and our favorite gem: college students would be charged interest on their student loans while they are still in school. Sweet.

A big chunk of the $5.1 trillion will come from repealing Obamacare ($2 trillion), which as Chris Wallace famously told Ryan last year: is "not going to happen." Ryan's plan calls for repealing not just the Medicaid expansion, but also all the subsidies currently available on the health care marketplace - meaning everyone is back to paying retail for health insurance.

For all of Ryan's distaste for Obamacare - his Medicare plan sounds an awful lot like it - give seniors cash to go on a private marketplace to buy their own insurance. Ask anyone on Medicare how much they like the sound of THAT idea.

It is no wonder the health insurance lobby is Ryan's biggest donor.

Paul Ryan's budget will be voted on in committee as soon as today with it going to the floor next week perhaps. Not a single Democrat will vote for it and quite a few teabillies won't either because they believe it doesn't go far enough. It's possible it won't pass the House at all - which would be very embarrassing.

That may be why they rolled it out while everyone was talking about Obamacare enrollments, less people to notice if it fails all around.