Tuesday, April 15, 2014

No Teabilly Tax Day Rallies In Wisconsin - But Scott Walker Is Running Again!

Scott Walker decided to announce his re-election campaign on April 15th - Tax Day. Interesting choice, no doubt the campaign wants to cash in on their bullshit rhetoric of having lower taxes...$13 worth, whoopie. The Siren's taxes have stayed the same - too bad our property value is in the crapper. Of course, if you got an earned income credit or a homestead tax credit, then you are paying more taxes, aren't you?

So April 15th, is a very interesting choice.

Oh well, the teabillies didn't have anything planned anyway. Nope, not a rally planned anywhere. Isn't that supposed to be their thing?

So, Walker opened his campaign by taking no questions, not mentioning that Wisconsin ranks 35th in job growth, down from 11th when he took office. New businesses lagging behind the nation - as a whole - and a whole lotta recent layoffs - Oh, and it was at an invitation only event.

But, Scott Walker wants you to know, Mr. John Q. Public, that Wisconsin is on "the right track." (BTW, he doesn't mean "right" like the opposite of "wrong," he means "right" as in Republican.)