Thursday, April 10, 2014

GOPS: Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

Bad boys, bad boys indeed.

Holy cow! Republican politicians in Wisconsin need to pace themselves.

Revealed just yesterday, an undercover videotape of Wisconsin State Senate President, Mike Ellis, plotting a completely illegal scheme to fund a political action committee to smear his Democratic opponent in the upcoming election in November.

(A plot inspired by the same playbook which the current John Doe investigation is based on: Illegal coordination between campaign operations and independent political action committees. So Ellis doesn't even get credit for creativity - it's their go-to play.)

After the video surfaced, Ellis responded that his plan was strictly hypothetical, he never acted upon it and learned the next day it was illegal anyway. All of which is a big lie. The woman who Ellis says should run the scheme for him quit his campaign moments after seeing the video, saying basically that he was a crazy bedbug and he wasn't going to ruin her career with his bullshit ideas.

The kicker? The video was made by conservatives exposing corruption within their own ranks.

The Ellis campaign fraud interlude proved interesting, but failed to steal the spotlight from Racine County District Attorney, Rich Chiapete, who got arrested last Friday night for drunk driving and hi t& run.

Residents learned today that in addition to running home after trying to kill a stoplight and maple tree with his car, he refused a breathalyzer and then a blood test (an initial on the scene - but not admissible - breathalyzer test blew at double the legal limit) and also lied to the police about his whereabouts just before the crash.

Chiapete told them he had been sleeping for the last two hours. When they reminded him they had just seen him come enter his own house and a witness saw him running from the car - he admitted to being the driver.

The police described him in the report as "semi-cooperative."

It was probably the best spin they could put on a guy who ran from the scene of a crime, hid in his house, changed his clothes and lied to them with bloody knuckles and air-bag dust all over him - in addition to being drunk.

Sorta like a typical episode of COPS, featuring moronic, drunken white trash and a lifetime of hard luck which makes it nearly impossible for them to advocate in their own defense - except this is an elected District Attorney with an MBA and a law degree.

Chiapete has stated he has no intention of resigning, even though he very well may have to start his car with a breath analyzer to get to his court dates to prosecute other drunk drivers.

Regardless of whether or not public pressure prevails in urging Chiapete to resign - he's got a reelection in 2016. Potential opponents are already being interviewed.

Another Wisconsin GOP criminal who won't resign, but says he won't run again is Bill Kramer. He heads to court on Monday - and what little we have already read about his sexual assault case from a couple years back is nauseating enough. MORE details are not going to make it better.

So far, NO ONE from the GOP is calling for ANYONE'S resignation, naturally.