Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Dumb Sean Duh-ffy Calls Donald Sterling A Democrat And Then Proudly Posts It To YouTube

Wisconsin Congressman, Sean Duffy, may be cute - but he sure is dumb. And that's usually how the Siren likes her men - but it just not working for us here.

Very quickly after Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, exploded in the news as the racist everyone knew he was for years, right-wing media circulated information that Sterling was a Democrat because decades ago he had contributed some bucks to Democratic candidates.

Hot damn! It was a major coup in light of the Cliven Bundy, right-wing media lovefest that blew up all over them last week.

Drudge repeated it. The National Review repeated it and all your Fox watching relatives were quick to smugly post it on Facebook. It was an awesome moment for the "we're not a racist political party" champions.

Except, as it turns out, Donald Sterling is a registered Republican. Oh yeah, they got a pdf of his Los Angeles voter registration and everything.

So this was Monday night when Sterling's self-proclaimed political affiliation came to light. Sean Duffy, having not heard that particular update, but more than willing to repeat his talking points supplied by right-wing media, praised the NBA's decision to ban Sterling for life AND while not wanting to politicize the event, just needed to point out during a committee hearing yesterday that Sterling is a Democrat.

Duffy, so pleased with himself, posted it straight away to his YouTube account. What a derp-nugget he is.

[UPDATE: Duffy has made the video private.]

So far, no comment or correction from Duffy's office. Derpity derp.