Friday, March 21, 2014

While You Were Sleeping

As Wisconsin lags permanently behind the nation in job creation, the Wisconsin Assembly stayed up late on their last day in session for the year to address the pressing needs of our state:

Allowing lobbyists to make financial contributions to legislators six weeks earlier in the year. Problem solved.

That wasn't all they were up to either. Remember that oral chemotherapy bill that passed the Senate the other day with a 30 to 2 vote? Yeah, the Assembly - after being shamed into putting it up for a vote - passed the bill.


Um, not so fast. They added an amendment to it which requires patients to pay a $100 co-pay for their oral chemotherapy and guarantees the bill goes back to a vote in Senate since they changed it.

Why? Well, maybe the Fitzgerald's will get their wish and finally kill it. The original bill was about treatment parity. When you add a $100 co-pay for one and not the other - that is NOT parity.

Let's see, they restricted early voting hours again because, JOBS.

They also passed a crazy nursing home absentee ballot bill - which is not being written about in detail because no one fucking understands it. Roughly, people in nursing homes have to submit their absentee ballots to vote to two special registration deputies, one from each political party in person at the nursing home and can't mail them in like the rest of us. Sounds totally reasonable (!) - THAT will be in the courts soon along with the early voting bill.

This administration has added extra steps to the bill process we didn't learn in school:

Introduce a bill.
Get sponsors.
Pass it through committee.
Vote on it in each house.
Send it to the Governor to sign into law.
Get an injunction.
Overturn it court.

What a bunch of losers. Hey! They got their campaign contributions earlier.