Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Unintimidated? Not About The Kenosha Casino

Scott Walker was in Racine yesterday to not talk about those emails or John Doe, or that the Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked Wisconsin's private sector job growth ninth out of ten Midwest states just yesterday.

No, Scott Walker was in Racine to announce his $35 million band-aid to Gateway after he cut their budget by a 3rd just a few years ago.

If he expected to be congratulated, what he got was a bunch of questions about his decision on the Kenosha casino.

His song and dance about "deliberation" and "due diligence" has gotten fairly polished. Walker says he'll need until February of next year to decide even though he originally said he would decide in 60 days.

The Siren just wants to remind those of you who might be apt to believe the Governor is just being extra "thinky" about the casino that he was in office 42 days when he introduced the Budget Repair bill which rolled back decades of labor agreements, pension modifications, debt restructuring, earned income tax credits for the poor, state sale of heating plants and the biggest education cuts in the country - just to start.

42 days. Unintimidated, my ass.