Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sweet Jesus! Paul Ryan Is Appalling!

Here is SE Wisconsin, we already know what a perverse little bastard Paul Ryan is.

Make people pay to see him? Check. Arrest seniors mad about his social security plans? Check. Slither into town past dumpsters instead of using the front door where the great unwashed might see him? Checkarooni.

His "makers vs. takers" bullshit has made him the kind of posterboy for meanness a gal like Ayn Rand could really admire - if she wasn't rotting in her atheists grave.

To the rest of us, he's a doofus who went to a second-rate university, got a bachelors degree, interned in DC so he could meet a millionaire's daughter, hitched his wagon to her money and rode it all the way to Congress.

Basically he sucks - and he doesn't care the people back home are taking the economic tailpipe while he sips expensive wine with hedgefunders and lobbyists in Washington. Nothing new here.

However, today making his debut at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee), he courted the wild-eyed fringe of his party by telling a story about a kid who didn't want his free government lunch because he was poor - he wanted one from home in the brown bag like the others kids, because those kids had someone who cared about them enough to make it for them each day.

Don't you love sweeping narrations on poverty and class summed up in one anecdotal story about a kid he didn't even know? Who needs fucking public policy experts, social workers and educators to give thoughtful accounts about hunger when we have Paul Ryan and his bullshit story about a made-up kid who'd rather go hungry than have a free lunch?

Anyway, that got everybody rolling today, but he actually said more that was much worse and of course the astute Paul Krugman picked up on it. Here it is:
“The left is making a big mistake,” Ryan predicted. “What they’re offering people is a full stomach and an empty soul. People don’t just want a life of comfort. They want a life of dignity, they want a life of self determination.”
What a fucker. What an absolutely, morally reprehensible motherfucker. A full stomach and an empty soul?! Yeah, that's what Jesus said you fetid piece of shit. Screw that kid with no lunch - he'll be that much more determined when he grows up...if he makes it.

BTW, the folks at CPAC - the right-wing freaks who adore guys like Ryan? How did they take Ryan's particular vision of compassion?

They gave him a standing ovation.