Friday, March 7, 2014

SHOCKER! Ryan Lied About A Poor Kid

Does this guy ever tell the truth about anything?!

Turns out Paul Ryan's tale of the poor kid who wanted his school lunch in a brown bag like the rest of the kids was a lie.

He attributed the story to Eloise Anderson - but it wasn't her story - it was from a book.

That's not a totally big deal - but this part is: the story was about a woman who befriended a poor kid who did indeed wish for lunches in a common brown bag. However, the woman in the story stayed in this kids's life for years, offering friendship and food and even money sometimes.

Hardly the "Let Them Eat Dignity" story that Paul Krugman correctly chastised Ryan for telling.

Ryan's assertion that the parent's of poor children somehow don't care for their children by allowing them to eat a free lunch is repugnant enough to be concerned about the fate of Ryan's soul in the afterlife. What is much worse in his message is it is kinda okay not to worry about feeding hungry kids because it will result in more self-determination and dignity later.

For that, we sure do hope there are some fire for all of eternity for Ryan.