Monday, March 10, 2014

Pssst, Republicans! Poor People In Wisconsin Aren't Hard to Find

The Republican Governor's Association - you know that group Scott Walker's buddy, Chris Christie is the head of?

Daniel Bice, at the Journal Sentinel discovered yesterday a couple featured in an ad they are running under the banner of "Wisconsin Families Struggle" aren't actually struggling. In fact, they are flush.

Now, Walker supporters are all - what's the big deal? This isn't news. Well that's all they can say these about about almost everything Scott Walker.

The Siren has lent a hand in the past finding people for ads and mailers for a variety of Democrats and we can tell you when looking for a business owner, a person looking for a job, whatever - they were people accurately described by the literature. Always.

Why? Because words matter. Not everyone in the political world subscribes to this idea, but they should.

The policies of elected officials affect real people - if you can't find someone to be in your ad who makes that visual point then you shouldn't be making it.

Here's another thought: poor people and struggling families aren't hard to find in Wisconsin - they are all over the place. Why use people who in real life are moderately rich to depict the struggling class?

Because it was easier? Because no one cares? Because THEY don't care?

Take your pick.