Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Delinquents On The Ballot

It's a sorry state of public service when the local newspaper prints a list (a LIST!) of people on the ballot who are delinquent on their taxes - and it doesn't include the part about how they are so embarrassed they are immediately stepping down from the race.

No such shame exists anymore in modern politics - but Christ on a bike! It should.

School Board candidate, Jacqueline Pinager owes a little more than a thousand dollars and says she's been paying it off.

Okay, we're gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. It doesn't thrill us since a big chuck of property taxes goes to the school district - but she looks like she's making a good faith effort here.

Then, there is Monty Osterman, who is running for County Supervisor. Monty still owes $5000 from his 2013 tax bill.

There appears to be some household confusion about who writes the check for that stuff. Monty thought his wife paid it.

He says now that he is aware of it - they'll get paid right away.

Bad form to find out about your own personal shit in the paper - but, whatever.

The Siren offers a simple candidate checklist to avoid such embarrassment:

1. I am not a convicted sex offender.
2. I am not using my home as a grow-house and/or meth lab.
3. I have paid my taxes.

That's it. If you can say "yes" to each - you are free to run for office in most cases.

Last on the list is Mount Pleasant El Hefe, Mark Gleason, looking to re-up in the conflict-of-interest department as a Racine County Supervisor in addition to his gig as Mount Pleasant President.

Gleason owes nearly $26,000.

Yes, the guy who has not one, but two jobs deciding how best to spend your tax dollars owes five fucking figures in back taxes - and he only just paid his Mount Pleasant property taxes from the year before this fall when that delinquency was discovered.

Then, just as now, Gleason did not respond to requests for comment - because, fuck you. That's why.

None of this matters since Gleason is unopposed in his race for County Board.

The only half measure is to make sure the Mount Pleasant trustee incumbents on Tuesday's ballot are returned to office: Feest, Garski and Schultz and NOT the two Gleason hand-picked candidates, Anna Marie Clausen and Rick McClusky.

Perhaps, if they are re-elected they can propose a new village ordinance that says if you are a trustee your pay is garnished to pay your taxes first. Gleason will take home just under $11,500 in salary for both jobs - make him work for free until he's square.

Is THIS the best we can do in local government?