Friday, March 28, 2014

Delinquents On The Ballot UPDATE

We have an update on this week's post about several candidates for local office who haven't paid their taxes...

Turns out either the Journal Times made a mistake OR County Treasurer, Jane Nikolai made a mistake - but County Board Supervisor, Monte Osterman, HAS paid his 2013 taxes.

The Racine County website still shows it as unpaid - but we have it on good authority this was written in error by the JT. The Siren is advising against a collective holding of the breath for a retraction.

Not is error, however, is Mark Gleason's stunning $26,000 delinquent bill. Gleason who was more that 230 days late on his previous bill, is now milking the Village for big bucks from 2013.

We're going to repeat and not apologize - if you can't pay your taxes you can't hold elected office. We are happy to clarify the situation when needed and this is one of those times.