Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Burke Releases Impressive Economic Plan

The Burke campaign released a video this morning announcing Mary Burke's economic plan. At nearly 40 pages, it looks and reads like a Fortune 500 economic proposal you might see presented in a fancy board room - which of course is the idea.

Whatever her campaign paid the consultants who helped draft it - it was worth it.

Scott Walker famously vamped his brown bag lunch and cherry-picked 250,000 jobs promise into the Governor's mansion. Burke wastes no time using graphs and lingo to show what an utter failure his "cut your way to prosperity" has been.
"In business, leaders are not judged on their goals; they are not even judged by their promises or pledges. They are judged by their results." 
Good for her - aside from the the corruption and controversy Walker has inflicted upon the state - he's been an economic disaster, with yet another dismal month of job creation that lags far behind the nation.

Even the video is top-notch. Burke comes across as capable, warm and inviting - telling the viewer she wants feedback - which is a refreshing change from the "we do whatever the fuck we want" crew in Madison. She looks and sounds like a Governor.

This package isn't designed to sell Burke to the Democratic base. You won't find any recall related buzz words. It's designed to sway those fickle swing voters - especially the ones that voted for Obama and Scott Walker. Those are the people she needs to win.

Meanwhile, Scott Walker's job plan weighs in at a total of five paragraphs on his campaign website - with two of the paragraphs consisting of one single sentence. Anemic. (It makes you wonder what he does with all those millions he gets from Chris Christie's Republican Governors Association - c'mon Scooter, hire someone who can make a graph.)

The Siren thinks the time Burke took to put together her first formal plan was worth it - in spite of the criticism. She hits Walker in all the right places while forcefully showing she has her own ideas too.

Being not just "not Scott Walker" is a smart move.