Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Your Panicked Governor: School Accountablility

Ask anyone what they don't like about school vouchers - even voucher supporters - and they will tell you lack of accountability.

People in Wisconsin may be nuts, but they do believe in fairness. Voucher schools who don't have to report how well or not their kids are doing with all that public money is a fucked up deal. Period.

So beyond Scott Walker's credit card holiday to give everybody $13 back on their taxes (which they will have to give back in a couple years with interest), he needs to shore up support for his Walton/DeVos school voucher plan before November.

It's a great big target for Mary Burke and he knows it.

He wanted a bill which would close low performing schools and turn them immediately into charter programs. Except when that idea got to the State Senate, there were a few Republican Senators who represent those kind of schools and they know such a move looks like an all-out assault on the poor. Which it is, because don't you know the bill didn't offer anything in the way of making those schools work a bit better.

No one seemed to agree on a grading method and the whole thing went limp once it got over to the Senate chambers.

So like it does in the sausage-making factory of legislative bodies, the bill is getting watered down and Walker's lofty aim of claiming all schools in Wisconsin who get public money are held accountable is fading.

The Senate is scheduled to vote on something today - but it will have to go back to the Assembly because it won't look like anything they passed. Mary Burke is sharpening her knives.