Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wanggaard Campaign Gets Super Bitchy

Oh, the fur is flying between the Wanggaard camp and the Steitz camp in the Republican primary race for the 21st Senate district seat.

Media Trackers came out with a piece yesterday suggesting that Wanggaard is coordinating with staff member, Judi Rhodes, from the Committee to Elect a Republican Senate (CERS) who also runs a candidate consulting firm on the side.

Turns out she was on the payroll for both the CERS and the Wanggaard campaign.

Capper at Cognitive Dissidence has done a great autopsy on Judi Rhodes' firm, Cross Rhodes Strategies. Judi picked up Kelly Rindfleisch on her staff after Rindfleisch left working for serial child support scoflaw and millionaire, Mike Eisenga. How helpful - and for that, her husband got a sweet state job just last summer.

Judi raises money for CERS. She took home nearly 50% of the money she raised last year, which should be shocking to every Republican who has donated money to them. That's a higher than industry average take.

Van also paid her $4,300 for the 2nd half of 2013 - so it's fair to say Judi is working ALL the angles.

The Siren knows Republicans don't care if Judi hired Rindfleisch, convicted for felony misconduct, or that Judi herself was embroiled in the caucus scandal from a  few years back.

Hell, they're proud. Those girls took one for the team.

They don't care that Van would also be paying someone to help his campaign that is supposed to be uninvolved in a Republican senate primary. These things literally do not matter to them (even if John Doe and John Doe Jr. do care quite a bit).

However, it does matter to Jonathan Steitz, Van's primary opponent.

Steitz, in spite of being a run-of-the-mill Liberteabilly bobblehead who got crushed by Bob Wirch in the recalls wars, also happens to be an "expert" for the Heartland Institute - another iteration of the Kochs.

Before the gerrymandering of the 21st district, Wanggaard and Steitz lived a separate but equal existence in different senate districts - now they live in the same one. They each have camps and the Steitz camp is throwing major shade on Wanggaard's friends at the Racine Tea Party. The civil war started with Media Trackers article - and has spread across Facebook and Twitter - which is hilarious.

Steitz's friend, Republican Michael Murphy, has been trash talking Van and Van's favorite fake Democrat, Tamra Varebrook and Americans for Prosperity buddy, Nancy Milholland, (all the way from Texas now) aren't liking it too much.

Murphy claims the Racine Tea Party is in the bag for Van and are basically a joke - of course he's right - but they can't seem to keep themselves from giving the John Doe investigation new avenues to investigate in the process.

With the winter doldrums upon us, it seems this primary may provide some well received comic relief.